What is your price for wedding flowers?
I am more than happy to send anyone my pricing guide an then to write you up an in-depth quote for what you are after.

When deciding flowers do u meet in person or what is your process?

I love to meet with brides to discuss flowers for your wedding day, I am happy to meet at either my house or at a nice coffee shop. This is where we can discuss in detail about everything your visualizing for your special day. If you are just starting to think about flowers and not ready to meet in person, I am more than happy to talk over the internet through emails or a private message on Facebook.

In terms of flower quality and experience for weddings am I in safe hands?

So I have actually won serval awards in the past two years, including first for a regional competition called World Skills, I train at Marjorie Milner College and worked at a reputable florist but decided to go off on my own so I could start my own business. I also have completed a bachelor degree in design – so know my balance, proportion, spacing, etc.

What is the flower quality like?
In regards to flower quality, I always go to my supplier to choose the flowers first hand – this is so I can check there is no bruising, damage or diseases present. As I will not use any flowers that are bruised/ damaged or not in peak condition.

Why choose real flowers?
This is important to consider as your flowers will be in all the photos that are taken and that you’ll look back I years to come.  Another reason is your flower bouquet is held in front of your stunning gown, which you may have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on, therefore you don’t wont to hold something that will lessen the look of this, you should choose a bouquet that will enhance the look.